What fun! And what a privilege! On separate occasions I’ve enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for plein air painting with two very accomplished  fellow creators – both of whom are cherished friends. I asked them if they’d care to contribute something about me as a teacher for inclusion on my website . . .

Marie Louise "nailing" a barn in Tay

Marie Louise “nailing” a barn in Tay

Marie Louise Gay offered three potential comments on our painting expeditions. Rather than pick one, I decided to include them all . . .

  1. “After one session, I became a talented painter. Now I am rich.”
  2. “She is very pretty and laughs a lot”
  3. “Heather has an eye for shape and color that evokes light, space and movement. Her landscapes seem to breathe. Very inspiring.”

Linda with another plein air masterpiece

Linda Hendry offered up the following:

“Judging by that picture of me eating a paintbrush, you might want to tell your students to bring along a snack!”

“As for your teaching style . . . ”

“Heather’s background in book illustration has given her an innate sense of design and colour that has blossomed into the most wonderful paintings! Her love of plein air is obvious and infectious, and I’ve caught the bug from her!”

“Can’t wait to see the site. You inspire me . . . “